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r/Bitcoin recap - May 2018

Hi Bitcoiners!
I’m back with the seventeenth monthly Bitcoin news recap.
For those unfamiliar, each day I pick out the most popularelevant/interesting stories in Bitcoin and save them. At the end of the month I release them in one batch, to give you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.
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A recap of Bitcoin in May 2018
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Bitcoin Brief w Giacomo Zucco - Happy 11th B-day $BTC! COMPUTER QUANTISTICI... la FINE di BITCOIN ft. Giacomo Zucco (podcast short version) Giacomo Zucco - Vortrag in der Bitcoin Embassy Switzerland Uster Bitcoin dove si trovano? Understanding Bitcoin Giacomo Zucco Sidechains, layers, metachains and RGB with Giacomo Zucco

Giacomo Zucco: Ironically, the real Bitcoin, the actual Bitcoin, the only Bitcoin serious people is working on is also going there, is also going to be very, very cheap, and very, very fast to move across distances. For example, with the layer 2 and lightning network, and other kind of layerized technologies and stack. So, we are getting there, Bitcoin is cash, and Bitcoin is kind of easy and ... There was a clash on Twitter between Nassim Taleb and Giacomo Zucco about Bitcoin and libertarian philosophy.. Taleb is a Lebanese (naturalized American) philosopher, essayist and mathematician very famous for having elaborated the so-called “black swan theory”, which is the metaphor describing the unfolding of an unexpected event of great magnitude with great historical consequences. The second extract from Coinfomania’s interview with Giacomo is more about decentralization in a conversation on mining, hashing power and nodes. Subjects very dear to Bitcoiners. Thinking of decentralization, the Internet comes to mind as it started as a decentralized tool for communication and data transmission but soon became very centralized. Giacomo Zucco, director of the BHB Network, said: “It’s better than many books for grownups. I look forward to giving it to my daughter in a couple years.” Pierre Rochard, founder of Lightning Power Users also commented on the illustrations: “With beautiful illustrations and engaging plot twists, this book teaches timeless economic lessons.” Max Hillebrand of World Crypto Network ... Bitcoin-Maximalisten meinen, dass das Internet nur eine Währung braucht – nämlich Bitcoin. Leider bleiben sie dabei nicht stehen, sondern gleiten in eine etwas bornierte Weltsicht ab. Nichts zeigt das deutlicher als die umstrittene Präsentation von Giacomo Zucco auf der Baltic-Honeybadger-Konferenz. Zu den schönen Eigenschaften der Sprache gehört es, dass die Worte frei sind.

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Bitcoin Brief w Giacomo Zucco - Happy 11th B-day $BTC!

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Slowly sipping limoncello, one of the brightest crypto sphere speakers, blockchain evangelist, theoretical physicist and CEO of BHBnetwork Giacomo Zucco shared his thoughts with Max Keidun, CEO of ... Bryan Anthony of Radio Hussar got to chat with Giacomo Zucco about the use of Bitcoin and the state of free speech. We met after an exciting Kraków Bitcoin Meetup held at Kawiarnia Literacka ... Primo capitolo della rubrica Inside Blockchain con Giacomo Zucco. Le cose dette e pensate su Blockchain e Bitcoin sono tante. Ma come fare a distinguere ciò ... Recorded from a call between Rafe and Giacomo. Discussion and overviews about Bitcoin layers, sidechains, metachains, merge mining, Liquid, Omni & Counterparty, RGB, tokens & collectibles. RGB ...